BBCreativityProject: School of Blogcraft and Wizardry


This post was put together as a part of the BBCreativityProject spearheaded by Nori of ReadWriteLove28!

I was assigned to Team Red!  I originally had an idea to make a tag themed around Harry Potter coursework, but in the hands of my fellow team mates – my puny idea transformed into something awesome!  We are dedicating all of October and November into providing blog posts that will i) add to your TBR pile something fierce and ii) improve your bloggish life! Here are the subjects and their awesome professors!

Click on their pictures to head to their blog :D!


BBcreativity-Charms BBcreativity-Apparition BBcreativity-DADA BBcreativity-Care BBcreativity-Herbology BBcreativity-History BBcreativity-Muggle BBcreativity-Potions BBcreativity-Transfiguration

I will update the links to their respective classes as they are posted up, so please check back from time to time!

48 thoughts on “BBCreativityProject: School of Blogcraft and Wizardry

    1. I am hoping for some help with the newbie bloggers one to be honest, but yes, it would be a great opportunity to showcase some new voices ❤


    1. Thank you!!! I was actually going to make this into a Book Tag and get people like you to help me distribute it, then BBCreativityProject happened and I thought it was easier to just offer this up for the group XD

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  1. AHH! I’m so excited! I think you are my favorite book blog, Aentee! Your graphics are always so gorgeous, and I love your content as well. Great idea 🙂

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  2. This is such an amazing fantastical brilliant blog series! I AM ALL FOR IT and will totally be looking out for future posts. Seriously, though. Aentee, this is fantastic! I don’t know much about the background to this, but I’m incredibly excited, love how this already is setting up to be, and AM JUST REALlY EXCTED. It’ll be awesome.

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    1. Thank you Romi!! Glad to see you so pumped about this series of posts. I hope it will meet expectations haha.


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