Midnight Designs: The Poppy War

The Poppy War Wallpaper Teaser

The Poppy War is one of my most anticipated releases of 2018 and it did not disappoint. Quite the opposite, it left me breathless and dazed, groveling for a sequel like a poppy-addled addict. I will do a full review once I have digested everything, but for now, I have some wallpapers inspired by the book for you all. Let’s be honest, we all deserve all little TLC after the novel.

  • Quotes and characters belong to the brilliant R. F. Kuang, cover art from The Poppy War hardback are drawn by Jung Shan.
  • The phone wallpapers are free for your personal use only.
  • Please do not edit, repost, redistribute the images.
  • They are made for iPhone 6, but should fit most smartphones.

TPW Teaser 01


I don’t believe in gods. I believe in power.

Sorry I don’t make the rules, but all the best protagonists are Slytherins. Rin is ambitious and resilient, she burns for power and she will grab life and deities by the throat to earn it. Also the best exam crammer I have ever seen in a fantasy novel, I am ready to declare undying allegiance to her.

TPW Teaser 02


War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who remains.

As implied by the title of the book, war plays a huge role in The Poppy War, and the novel does not hold back from the violence and horrors which accompanies it. Many events in the book parallels the Second Sino-Japanese War, and it expertly weaves between historical reality and fantasy to create a devastating portrait of war.

TPW Teaser 03


She came from nothing. She wasn’t going back to nothing.

One of the things I love most about Rin is her drive and personal agency, her sheer determination to write her own story — even if it’s one where she may not end up the hero.

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25 thoughts on “Midnight Designs: The Poppy War

  1. Wow these are gorgeous. I’ve been seeing a couple people talk about this book. I even spotted it today when I was in Barnes and Noble. These quotes really make me want to check out the book.

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  2. Lovely designs, Aentee! Thanks for sharing them. I was just able to download one to use as my phone backgroud. I got the “War determines who remains” one. Really love it. Haven’t yet read the book but can’t wait to do so.


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