Midnight Designs: The Burning God Phone Wallpapers

First of all, apologies for being a bit absent on this blog in the past month. The COVID-19 lockdown in my state eased completely at the end of last month, and since then I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve barely had time off, let alone stealing a moment to blog. However, the release week of The Burning God is not something I wanted to miss, and I wanted to complete my wallpaper series for the trilogy with this post as a contribution to the celebration!

  • Quotes and characters belong to the inimitable R. F. Kuang, cover art from The Poppy War series are drawn by Jung Shan.
  • The phone wallpapers are free for your personal use only.
  • Please do not edit, repost, redistribute the images.


The themes in these books have always hit like a punch to the guts, and this is especially evident in ending of this trilogy. We see the culmination and consequences to all the questions the series have been posing: about war, about history, and about Fang Runin herself. She’s become a mythic figure by the beginning of book three, but she’s never felt so fallible and human. I’ll miss my murder baby, and all three of these wallpapers are dedicated to her! I would let you ruin me, Rin!!

The Poppy War series has been a significant part of my life in the past few years, and I’ve made so many blogger friends through in. In truth, it extended the life of this blog by at least another few years. Saying goodbye to it with the conclusion of The Burning God feels so bittersweet. If any of you want to discuss the ending and all things spoilery, please do not hesitate to reach out by DM! Especially if you are a fellow member of the Chen Kitay protection squad!!

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