Midnight Designs: The Cruel Prince

If it was not immediately obvious before, The Cruel Prince has now cemented Holly Black’s position as the Queen of Faeries. The Fair Folks in her books are glittering and magnetic, yet dangerous and deceitful. Even more compelling are her human characters, especially the ambitious and utterly flawed Jude. The Cruel Prince has glamoured me … Continue reading Midnight Designs: The Cruel Prince

Midnight Designs: Cindy Pon Appreciation Post

This week marks the release of Cindy Pon’s latest novel, Want. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a wallpaper post based on the cover of Want, along with a couple from her previous series, Serpentine. Although the publishing world is getting better every year in terms of representation, it’s still rare to see an Asian face grace … Continue reading Midnight Designs: Cindy Pon Appreciation Post

Read at Midnight Designs: Morning Star

So if you’ve read my previous posts about the Red Rising series, you’ll know that I am huge fan. I finished Morning Star over the weekend and my brain is still reeling from post-series devastation/euphoria. I haven’t been able to string together a coherent review, but I have been making some wallpapers to share. Quotes belong to … Continue reading Read at Midnight Designs: Morning Star