#CritYourFaves Master Post

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up to #CritYourFaves! The list of all the participating blogs and their respective discussion topics are included here. I will be updating this list all throughout October.CritYourFaves Masterpost.png

There are no set posting schedules, those participating can post at any time as long as it’s within October! Remember to use the #CritYourFaves hashtag when crossposting on social media so I can make sure to help you promote your post 🙂 If you can manage it, please also leave a link to your post in the comments below when you have published it!

Name Blog Name Topic
Regina The Bibliotheque Unhealthy Romance in Fiction/Cooleen Hoover’s Books
Daisy Feminists Read Love Tamora Pierce: From Childhood Fave to Problematic Fave
Jenna Reading With Jenna To Be Decided
Dev A Writer is a World Trapped in a Person Whitewashing in Book-to-Movie Adaptations
Kelly Diva Booknerd Toxic Romances
Helia Rose Quartz Read The Issue With Killing Off Minority Characters
Monica Tomes Project Lack of Diverse Representation in Harry Potter
Bianca The Ultimate Fangirl ABC’s of Contemporary Cliches or Fantasy VS. Contemporary Male Leads
Fadwa Word Wonders Lack of Diversity in the Harry Potter World
Laura Blue Eye Books The Young Elites Discussion
Kate Between the Sky and Me Discussion of Harmful Tropes
Grace Ashen Reads Lack of Representation in Cassandra Clare’s series
Monica She Might Be Monica Lack of diversity & toxic relationships in the Throne of Glass series
Liz Bitchy Fantasy The Taming of the Bad Boy (e.g. ACOMAF)
Natalia A Court of Tales Discussion of Throne of Glass and its problematic elements
Mishma Chasing Faerytales To Be Decided
Patricia Alferez Patti’s Book Blog Problematic Faves and How To Deal With It
Dani St Clair Romancing the Social Sciences Harmful tropes/Problematic faves/Representation of POC (Representation, the White Saviour and the Other in Meredith Duran’s The Duke of Shadows)
Zoe If The Book Will Be Too Difficult Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small quartet
Miriam Miriam Reads Books Obsidian Mountain Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey
Haley Been There, Read That Queerbaiting in Cursed Child
Puput Sparkling Letters Paper Princess: An Addictive Read Despite Its Problematic Tropes
Jess The Bookaholic Life Discuss a series you love and what issues you had with it
Nemo Young Adult at Heart The Romance That Is Not Romantic in Wuthering Heights
Anushka Going Through Books Discuss a series you love and what issues you had with it
Alin Ace Readss The Raven Cycle and the fear of the word bisexual
Guinevere Twinja Book Reviews Discussing the Percy Jackson books, where they fail in diversity/inclusivity despite being well written stories.
Aimal Bookshelves & Paperbacks Lack of Diversity/Post Series Additions in the Harry Potter Series & Supernatural
Booknuts101 21st Century Once Upon A Times Unhealthy romance in fiction
Victoria Addlepates and Book Nerds Is bad representation better than no representation?
Tessa Crazy for YA Looking back on my first favorite YA series
Wendy Falconer’s Library Ethnicity in Eleanor & Park. Responsibility as a white reader.
Jeann Happy Indulgence Why Throne of Glass is Problematic…But I Still Love It
Blika Armchair Adventures Sexuality, Gender & Diversity
Chris Lovely Black Ink Unhealthy romance in fiction
Lynette Charmingly Simple Harry Potter: Why Snape’s a Git and Dumbledore is an Asshole.
Morgane Bookworms Eat Brains Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

40 thoughts on “#CritYourFaves Master Post

  1. This is such a wonderful concept – I am looking forward to reading all the posts! Stiefvater and Maas are definitely problematic, no matter how much I adore their work. I think there will be some really valuable discussion here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really look forward to reading the posts ❤️ And yes, there’s definitely issues with a lot of YA books because of the tropes inherent in them, though I love the genre.


  2. Hey! I’m sorry for having to ask you to do this – but if you can’t, that’s absolutely fine. Can you change my topic to ‘Unrealistic character shifts in the ACOTAR books’? Actually, while filling the sign-up form, I didn’t understand that criteria and thus entered something else into it. Now, reading everyone else’s discussion topics, I finally get it 😛

    Also, thank you so much for organizing this! It’s absolutely amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is one of the best events/thing ever! Yes please do update this list as you go along because I want to read these all ASAP. YOU BETTER UPDATE THIS OR I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN.

    But seriously. Such a great idea. I would have had a post, but I think I have written everything I wanted to in the past. And I have nothing new to talk about hahah.


  4. I totally forgot sign ups closed at the end of September. But I’m very excited to post my posts anyways (yes, 2, because I couldn’t decide!) and link them down here. I’m very excited for Toxic Romances (and all the troubling romance posts) and Queerbaiting. Also the taming of the bad boy would be an interesting read!


  5. I’m.so looking forward to this Aentee and thank you do much for hosting! I’m planning on mine this week and looking forward to visiting all the other blogs. So incredibly important to share experiences as readers, and facilitate respectful discussion ❤


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