Discussion: Why Shipping Is Important To Me


Divider-ArrowsI have always been a shipper, and will always proudly admit to that. My first reading experience was manga such as Detective Conan – where I began rooting for Shinichi and Ran to get together, even at the tender age of 6. Similarly, I became overly invested in the mysterious and thrilling romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. It seems that whenever I care about a work of fiction, my emotional investment lead me to root for these characters and their relationships. Continue reading “Discussion: Why Shipping Is Important To Me”

Discussion: Shipping the Wrong Ships


Shipping: (verb) To completely lose your shit via emotional investment in a fictional character’s romantic relationship(s).

An essential part for me in many fandom experiences is, perhaps predictably, the romance.  A true fangirl’s gotta have her OTP.  Until quite recently, I had successfully endorsed the ‘right’ ship.  I would preen to myself: Oh, how well I understand authorial intent, how could opposers be so blind and obtuse.  I sneered when Harmony sank (then pretended not to see when JKR revised her opinion). I rolled my eyes when my friends shipped Gale/Katniss, he barely had 10 pages of page time! Instead I clung to Peeta/Katniss and its god awful ship name.  I was young and arrogant. Please forgive my past-self!


Then karma bit me in the ass and I got knocked off my high horse.   Continue reading “Discussion: Shipping the Wrong Ships”