Book Review: Empire of Storms



Title: Empire of Storms

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 5/5 stars

Series: Yes, 5 of 6.


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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Allen & Unwin/Bloomsbury Australia in exchange for an honest review.

Needless to say, after finishing Queen of Shadows last year, Empire of Storms became one of my most anticipated books of 2016. I was over the moon when I received it, and despite its hefty size, I devoured the entire thing in three days in between working full time. Currently, I am still reeling from the emotional punches the book delivered, but I will try my best to deliver a coherent review. This will be completely spoiler-free for Empire of Storms, but will contain spoilers for its prequels.


I keep coming back to this series time and again because Sarah J. Maas is the master of page-turning action and wringer of my heartstrings. Empire of Storms is no different, filled to the brim with engaging action, careful plot twist, and amplified emotional drama. I would highly recommend reading this book over a couple of days off, as I had troubles putting it down from beginning to end. Continue reading “Book Review: Empire of Storms”

Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Wallpaper Part 2

By the time this post goes up, we should be just a few hours away from the release of Empire of Storms. I am here to make sure that your phone screen celebrates this release day in style!


Quote and Art belongs to the brilliant Sarah J. Maas
Designs belong to me


  • For personal usage only. This means you’re only to download this for use on your own phone.
  • No redistribution. I had issues with people sharing my designs without credit or permission last time, please please please don’t let this happen again. If you want to share this with people, just link them to this post.

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Read At Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Series

To finish off my Throne of Glass week, I have FOUR iPhone 5 Wallpapers for download!

Throne of glass

If you want me to resize them to fit your phone, please comment/tweet me! I don’t do it all at once because laziness/I originally made them for personal usage. But if you nudge me I will be more than happy to oblige 😀

Free for personal use. Please do not redistribute. Characters + Quotes belong to the amazing Sarah J Maas.

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Book Review: Queen of Shadows

Queen of Shadows Throne of Glass Sarah J Maas


Title: Queen of Shadows

Author: Sarah J Maas

Rating: 5/5 stars

Series? Yes, 4 of 6!


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This is my last book review to cap off the Throne of Glass Week on the blog! I still have to read The Assassin’s Blade at some point – but my heart can’t take it at the moment — SAM!!

There will be SPOILERS in this review for the previous three books, but I will try keep it free from QoS spoilers – even though all I want to do is shout randomly in capslock *wails*



“She was fire, and light, and ash, and embers. She was Aelin Fireheart, and she bowed for no one and nothing, save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph.”

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Book Review: Heir Of Fire

Heir of Fire Throne of Glass Sarah J Maas


Title: Heir of Fire

Author: Sarah J Maas

Rating: 5/5 stars

Series? Yes, 3 of 6!


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Throne of Glass week continues! Heir of Fire absolutely knocked my socks off and turned me in a rabid fangirl of the series.

In this book, we get to see more worldbuilding and magic – but what we get even more of are CHARACTERS.  There’s development of old characters and a whole host of new ones that I fell in love with. I’ll mainly examine the characters today (as I would hate to be repeating myself across all my posts this week XD)


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Book Review: Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight Throne of Glass Sarah J Maas


Title: Crown of Midnight

Author: Sarah J Maas

Rating: 4/5

Series? Yes, 2 of 6!


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Well, this is super awkward because the last time I mentioned Throne of Glass in a blog post, it was to rail on how disappointed I was.  I marathoned the next 3 books over the last 2 weeks and let me eat my words. Never judge a series by its first books, guys. I am a verified fangirl of Celaena & co. In fact, I declare this week to be THRONE OF GLASS WEEK! on the blog 😀

Crown of Midnight

Let be rave on about the ways in which Crown of Midnight was superior in EVERY way to Throne of Glass.

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