Cover Reveal, Interview, and Giveaway: Brooding YA Hero


I’m sure anyone with a passing knowledge of the online YA community would be familiar with the brilliant and hilarious @broodingYAhero! Broody is my favourite parody account on twitter, walking that perfect line between sass and social commentary. Seeing a tweet by Broody on my timeline never fails to cheer up my day.

As you may know, Broody is getting his own novel – Brooding YA Hero: Becoming A Main Character (Almost) As Awesome As Me. I have the gorgeous new cover for you all to see later on in the post. We have the marvellous Carrie DiRisio, mastermind behind the twitter account and the book, with us here today. Joining her is the extremely talented book illustrator, Linnea Gear! Thank you both for this opportunity!

You’ll find many things within this post, so stay tuned until the very end for the following:

  • Interview with Carrie and Linnea
  • New Cover Reveal
  • International Giveaway for a Preorder of Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) As Awesome As Me.

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Read at Midnight 1st Blog Anniversary & Giveaway


I can hardly believe it, but it’s been one entire year since I started Read at Midnight. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited, interacted, and supported this blog in these twelve months. Every day, I wish that I started blogging sooner and found all my like-minded bibliophiles a little bit earlier!


  • Never be afraid to interact with new people, even that super uber popular blogger you admire from afar is a person, and they would love a chance to connect!
  • I blog best when there are no schedules or demands, it’s OK to not read for a week, or to disappear and not post for a month or so – people will understand.
  • Social Media is a black hole, as much as I love twitter and Instagram, sometimes it’s good to step back. I don’t have to comment on every single *~drama~* of the day.
  • It’s incredibly rewarding to give back to the community. Recommend a new blog, rave about a lesser-known book, comment on a post you love, donate some books, create fan work, it will open doors to so many opportunities!
  • Don’t stress too much about those ‘guides’ or ‘how-tos’ about blogging, if what you’re doing feels right – then keep steaming full force ahead.
  • The people is always my favourite part. I have loved talking to you all, meeting some of you in person, and fangirling over books with you these past months.

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Meet The Newbie: Wandering Wild by Jessica Taylor


Thanks to Rachel of A Perfection Called Books for inviting me to join this blog tour. Meet The Newbies is focused on spotlighting 2016 debut authors. For my part of the tour, I get to host the lovely Jessica Taylor! She wrote Wandering Wild, a story filled with travel and magical realism.

First we have a quick bio, Jessica likens herself to a character from Friends.

WanderingWildMostLikelyNickname: JT
First Day of School: May 3, 2016
Homeroom: Sky Pony Press
Grade: Magical Realism
Extracurricular Activities: Traveling, reading in sunny spots, playing Blackjack, and organizing my bookshelves
Favorite Class: Recess
Favorite Quote/Motto: “Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have tolive forever, you just have to live.” ­ Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting


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Giveaway: The Mortal Instrument Series

Fellow Aussies, the odds are in your favour, I have a set of The Mortal Instruments up for grabs – complete with spiffy new covers & spines!  Bright and ready for Valentines day, even. You know you want them!


I mean, just look at the new spines!  They are the most gorgeous thing, blissfully free of random half-naked dudes. You shall proudly display these as you read in public, huzzah!


To enter follow the rules below:

    • Australian residents only, sorry!
    • Participants should be at least 13 with parental consent! Of course, if you are 18 you may do as you like 😀
    • No giveaway accounts, no cheating!
    • One winner, prize to be distributed by Walker Books Australia.
    • Runs until 29th February.
    • Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Walker Books Australia for sponsoring this giveaway!

Have you guys started watching the new Shadowhunters series? Thoughts? They are all so pretty but I wish they had better dialogue!

6 Months Blogoversary & Giveaway


I can hardly believe only six months have passed since I started Read At Midnight – to me, it feels longer! Hats off to all of you who have been able to maintain and engage with your blog for years and more! This blogoversary comes a little bit belated, due to my recent vacation and road trip – the official date is actually 13th December. Let’s not get that small technicality get in the way of the celebration!

I am hugely proud of what Read At Midnight has achieved over the past 6 months, thanks a million to everyone who have made these numbers possible:

WordPress and Email Followers: 606
Bloglovin Followers: 210
Twitter Followers: 1061
Instagram Followers: 300
Total Pageviews: 26960+
Unique Visitors: 9220+
Total Number of Comments: 4600+

Thank you so much to every one who has followed, commented, and viewed this blog! I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you guys.

The reason why I continue to push along with blogging – aside from my passion for books – is the wonderful community that I’ve befriended through the past six months. Now, I really dislike listing people individually because I’m a scatter brain who will inevitably miss someone I adore – but here are some of the people I really owe this past half a year to:

  • Thank you to Alyssa for being one of my first followers, and for all of your kindness and support! Your love and dedication to spreading knowledge about Chinese history and mythology makes me smile!
  • Thank you to Jenna for being one of my first and more firm friends in blogging. I can always count on you to goad me with pictures of watermelon cakes or push books I never knew I would love! So excited for us to meet in person in 2016.
  • Thank you to CW, my fellow kiwi and one of the most thought-provoking bloggers about. She also has wicked art skills!
  • Thank you to Jeann for firstly being blogging goals, then for being one of the best people ever! You’re the first blogger I met up with in real life, and our breakfast date was so much fun!
  • Thank you to Faye for being the first commenter on my blog – and thank you for embracing me into the Potato family!
  • Thank you to Rashika and Aimee for being awesome cobloggers, I can hardly believe I write blog posts along such smart and fierce women!
  • Thanks to Nick, always, for her sincerity, her authentic friendship, her steadfast honesty, her support!
  • Thanks to the ladies of Books with Chemistry: Vane, Evelyn, Tash – their sass is most impressive, and have been instrumental in weeding out the weak from my TBR pile.
  • Thanks to Joey, you and your posts never fail to make me laugh or think or both.
  • Thanks to Jesse for his uncanny ability to mirror my fangirly thoughts in every way.
  • Thanks to gorgeous Josie, who is beautiful inside and out, it’s been a privilege getting to know you!
  • Thanks to Summer for her warmth and comment-bombs!
  • Thanks to Kynndra for your warm heart, wit, and flawless taste in books! Your reviews have guided me to so many new worlds.
  • Thanks to Ashley and Lydia for always being ready to engage in any dialogue on the blog, I’ve learned so much from your discussions and your posts.
  • Thank you to the phenomenal Oz blogging community: Kelly, Emily, Cait, Eugenia, Chiara, Joy, Glaiza, Melanie, Gina, Brittany, Meleika, Jaz, KJ, Rebecca, Brett and countless others, for their friendliness, intelligence, and fierce devotion to home grown authors.
  • Thanks to all the teen bloggers for renewing my faith in the world’s future through their passion, their voices, their fierce intelligence. Aila, Rachel, Mishma, Alexandra, you absolutely own the YA community and you are so inspiring!
  • Thanks to every single blogger who has supported by Design Shop! Nick and Nereyda, Lisa and Becca, Kristen, Kristy, Jodie, Aila, Sajda. My book budget praises your light every day.

There are so many more people that has all my gratitude, but if I keep going on this post will never end. Please don’t take it personally if I didn’t name you, I love every single person that reads or comment on this blog!

As with all celebrations, I would like to host a small giveaway for a Book Depository order up to $30AUD in value!


Giveaway: A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms & After Alice (+ iPhone Wallpapers!)


Thanks to Harper Voyager Australia, I have a 5 sets of books to giveaway.  Winners will BOTH:

  • 1 copy of A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms by George R R Martin AND
  • 1 copy of After Alice by Gregory Maguire
  • A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms is a collection of the Dunk & Egg short stories, which are an amazing prequel to the A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series.  After Alice is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, written by Gregory Maguire, the king of retellings.  YOU NEED BOTH. YES, YOU DO.
  • The giveaway is Australia/NZ ONLY!  Sorry to my international followers, I have included an iPhone wallpaper of Daenerys & Alice below for you to try make up for it ❤
  • Winners will be drawn and notified Monday 12/October/2015!



For the international people, here’s two iphone wallpapers (shoddily made sorry!) to apologise for the region restriction on the giveaway 😀  I have another international giveaway running HERE!

DROPBOX:  Alice //  DROPBOX:  Daenerys

As always let me know if you would like them resized ❤

I have been a terrible blogger of late, I’m working a 50 hours week this coming week so it probably won’t be improving anytime soon… BUT I SHALL BE BACK.


3 Months Blogoversary: Celebration + Freebies + Giveaway!


Is it premature to celebrate a blog that’s only three months old? NEVER. I want to thank you all for the support you have given me so I have a couple of things to share:

  • Giveaway! You can win 1 book valued to up $25 AUD. Delivered by Book Depository (INTL) or an Australian trader of your choice (AUS residents)
  • Freebie:  Downloadable printable PDF of a bookish journal 😀 The beautiful Jeann of Happy Indulgence inspired this idea, as we are both CRAZY for stationery.  I am entertaining the idea of opening an etsy shop offering these and other bookish stationery/prints! I would love to know whether you are interested.
  • HUGS: You are all amazing, whether you are a regular commenter or perennial lurker! My first months blogging have been phenomenal thanks to all of YOU!

FIRSTLY; the free PDF so you can record all about the books you have recently knocked off the TBR pile!  I am working on an ARC version to share on another occasion! This is the stuff I wish to include in my possible Etsy store!
Free for personal use! Please do not redistribute or resell! 



SECONDLY, the giveaway! Since I know you all love those! ONE winner wins ONE book valued up to $25 AUD (our currency is so crap atm, fml)

RULES:  Open internationally. Runs until 13/10/2015, order delivered by Book Depository (INTL) or an Australian online store (Aussies).  Please check your country is eligible via Book Depository.