Discussion: Book Trend Burnout

Confession Time: ┬áThis discussion post only happened because I saw these cute medical icons Designed by Freepik and was determined to use them somehow ­čśŤ ┬áBut I hope this is still a valid bookish topic haha.


What is this strange disease and do you have it?  Read on to find out, my friend!


Book Trend Burnout:  When a reader encounters a specific storyline, trope or characters so many times during their reading experience that they decide to quit that genre forever.

Sound extreme? I’ve certainly contemplated doing so more than once. ┬áIf Goodreads or my twitter feed is any indication, I am not alone in this predicament. ┬áThere really can be too much of a good thing, once 1984 and Brave New World were my favourite classics – making me mad for the dystopia genre. ┬áNow that it’s become a buzz word, I think twice before purchasing a book featuring it on the blurb.

I would love to judge a book purely on its own merits, but it’s so easy to get jaded when it feels like the plot line has been done a hundred times before. Continue reading “Discussion: Book Trend Burnout”