Wrap Up Post: August 2015


August has been an amazing month for me blogging wise. Most of all because I got to join blogging powerhouses Faye, Aimee, and Rashika at The Social Potato!  I am having such a blast, thank you for letting me join in on the Potato Family :D!  You all should follow us there, especially as there’s currently a 2016 releases giveaway at the site!

I will still be at Read at Midnight most days of the week, thank you so much to every single one of you for viewing and commenting on my posts!  You are amazing *showers you in love and puppies*

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Wrap-Up Post: July 2015


This is my first full month blogging, so I wanted to follow the cool kids and do a recap post! Things I learned in making this post are:

  1. Book blogging has taken over my life.
  2. I love it + you.
  3. I need a book budget, cos wtf.


= 15 REVIEWS! 

Which means my credit card bill is going to be monstrous this month *CRIES*  I hereby impose a book buying ban.  Self, please concentrate on your ARC pile in August!  *leers* Continue reading “Wrap-Up Post: July 2015”