Discussion: Shipping the Wrong Ships

Shipping: (verb) To completely lose your shit via emotional investment in a fictional character’s romantic relationship(s). An essential part for me in many fandom experiences is, perhaps predictably, the romance.  A true fangirl’s gotta have her OTP.  Until quite recently, I had successfully endorsed the ‘right’ ship.  I would preen to myself: Oh, how well I … Continue reading Discussion: Shipping the Wrong Ships

The Fairy Tale Retelling Masterpost: PART 1

I’ve always been a great fan of fairy tales, whether it be in told through books or Disney movies or comics.  These stories have always been ubiquitous, inspiring generations of writers time and again.  I love a well-done retelling as it refreshes the classic theme to capture a modern audience. However, 2015 is particularly swept … Continue reading The Fairy Tale Retelling Masterpost: PART 1