65 thoughts on “#ReadersCrossing Sign Up Post

  1. This is such a lovely idea 😍 I love Animal Crossing and I love books, so this should be perfect. I don’t have much time in Decmeber, though, but I‘m gonna try to do this either way 😊🌸

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  2. I feel like EVERYONE is talking about Animal Crossing! I actually went as far to download the app, and then realized it would take over my life, so I haven’t started playing it yet, haha! (must…resist…temptation…) Regardless, I love the idea of this challenge. SO clever!

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  3. I’m sobbing because this of course starts the day after readbyzoe’s Holiday 24hr Readathon laughs. But It looks amazing and I love Pocket Camp so I gotta.


  4. This is amazing!
    Btw, if we sign up with our TBR do we need to also count books for the blue square? Since they are optional, and I have no idea If I will get there, do we need to include it in the form?

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  5. This is such a cute readathon Aentee! Unfortunately I don’t have any time to participate, but I absolutely love this idea. How do you always come up with these?? Queen of Readathons seriously haha


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  7. I really want to take part of this but sadly my finals dissertation will probably have to take precedent 😥 Might follow it along casually, though, Sporty has such great prompts!!


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