Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Wallpaper Part 2

By the time this post goes up, we should be just a few hours away from the release of Empire of Storms. I am here to make sure that your phone screen celebrates this release day in style!


Quote and Art belongs to the brilliant Sarah J. Maas
Designs belong to me


  • For personal usage only. This means you’re only to download this for use on your own phone.
  • No redistribution. I had issues with people sharing my designs without credit or permission last time, please please please don’t let this happen again. If you want to share this with people, just link them to this post.


ToG Wallpaper AB

Throw back to Assassin’s Blade, where Aelin began her journey as Celaena Sardothien. I never made a phone screen background for Assassin’s Blade in my first post,Β so this is for everyone who has been asking.

ToG Wallpaper EoS2

I have been all over this quote ever since Bloomsbury released a teaser of it. This quote is so perfectly Sarah J. Maas, I adore it completely. Featuring Aelin from the Empire of Storms cover, wielding Mala’s fire. I also sneaked in the map of Erilea in the background for the eagle-eyed fans.

ToG Wallpaper EOS Back (2)

I adore the back cover of Empire of Storms, Aelin looks like a true queen in it –Β unyielding and resplendent. The quote also reminded me of my favourite scene in Return of the Kings, so I had to include it.

ToG Wallpaper QoS Back

The artwork here comes from the back cover of Queen of Shadows. This is my favourite of all the back-cover dresses which Aelin wears. I tried adding in the quote ‘fire breathing bitch queen’ to this one, but it didn’t quite work. I left it textless as the dress is enough of a statement on its own.

If you’re a die-hard Maas fangirl like myself, you can find previous wallpapers for Throne of Glass here. ACOTAR/ACOMAF phone screen set can be found here.
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I hope you will all enjoy reading Empire of Storms when it comes out tomorrow. My review should be out by tomorrow night :)!

38 thoughts on “Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Wallpaper Part 2

  1. Your designs are always so freaking amazing 😍 I have to admit that I’ve used all the ones from the first Throne of Glass wallpapers you did as my home screens at one point or another. How do you find the graphics from the covers?


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