#ReadThemAllThon Hall Of Fame

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Three weeks just flew by and we are at the end of the #ReadThemAllThon! I am overwhelmed by the response, we ended up with more than 200 sign ups. Thank you so much to every single one of you who participated, it means the world to me ❤ Whether you managed to finish the challenge or not, I hope you had loads of fun.

But what I am truly looking for is who is our Pokemon Champion? Their prizes are:


  1. 2 Pokemon Wooden Bookmarks from Ink and Wonder!
  2. $15 AUD to spend on Book Depository or Wordery.
  3. Bragging rights, I’ll make you a banner proclaiming your win if you wish 😉

How do we decide who the winner is? To be in a chance to claim the prize, please collate your points and comment below. The comments will be open until Friday 9th September 12.00AM my time (AEST). The person with the higher number of points in the comment wins! I thought for a long time and given how many participants there are, this is the best way to keep track.

Please fill the form below using this format, time to crunch some numbers:

Pokemon Used:
Pewter Badge:
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Cascade Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Thunder Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Rainbow Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Marsh Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Soul Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Flame Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Earth Badge: 
CP Points (1 pt per 10 pages read) + 20CP* completion bonus
Review Points:  
20 CP per review you wrote of only the books you read for the above challenge, posted between 14/8-4/9.
Social Media Points: Earned from tweeting/photos. Please be honest! I will be doing a check! Max points from tweeting is 200, max points from photo is 100
Evolution Bonus: +50 CP each time the Pokemon evolves, in Magikarp’s case, +120CP
Extra Books Read Bonus:  1 pt per 10 pages read for books you completed AFTER you finished the initial 8 challenges.

Note: please only add the extra 20 CP for the badges if you FINISHED the book you read.

This obviously all depends on everyone’s honesty, as I have no concrete way to verify whether you’ve read all the books or the will to shift through all your tweets to count up the points. I trust that all you lovely people will play fair ❤

Please let me know if any feedback regarding the event below as well. I will be hosting more readathons (not necessarily Pokemon themed, this depends on interest) in the future, so I hope to see you around!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated. You’re all the very best in my heart ❤

65 thoughts on “#ReadThemAllThon Hall Of Fame

  1. I didn’t participate in this readathon, hopefully next time, but I’m glad to see how successful this event was! Everyone seems to be doing this readathon and having a lot of fun with it. Amazing job Aentee! ❤

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  2. I absolutely loved this read-a-thon, even though I didn’t get time to finish all of the challenges, I did finish three books and review them! Thanks for creating this challenge, and I would love to join any other read-a-thon’s you host!

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  3. Absolutely loved taking part in the readathon!Helped a lot in motivating me to clear off some of my tbr pile.But it was also very fun and relaxed.

    Name:Margaret Kearney
    Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/randomsofmine
    Pokemon Used:Squirtle
    Pewter Badge: 44 CP Points
    Cascade Badge: 73 CP Points
    Thunder Badge:68 CP Points
    Rainbow Badge:50 CP Points
    Marsh Badge:42 CP Points
    Soul Badge:56 CP Points
    Flame Badge:64 CP Points
    Earth Badge:36 CP Points
    Review Points: 80 CP
    Social Media Points: 21 CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100 CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 71 CP
    Total:715 CP

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  4. Thank you so much for this Read-a-thon, I’m amazed I completed all 8 books and completely enjoyed the experience. I’ve done a summary post linked below 🙂 http://www.rachalesreads.com/2016/09/04/pokemon-indigo-league-read-thon-final-report/

    Name: Rachel
    Blog: Rachale’s Reads
    Pokemon Used: Dratini
    Pewter Badge: 53
    Cascade Badge: 60
    Thunder Badge: 70
    Rainbow Badge: 48
    Marsh Badge: 57
    Soul Badge: 50
    Flame Badge: 60
    Earth Badge: 53
    Review Points: 100CP
    Social Media Points: 32CP for my 16 tweets
    Evolution Bonus: 100
    Total: 693 (including the 10CP Dratini started with)

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  5. Depends on what counts as a review, I only really wrote a few lines for each book because I’m a bit foggy and blocked at the moment. As it stands, I clocked out at 771 CP. ^_^


    1. Thanks for joining Inge! I count it as a review as long at it’s at least 350 words (i.e. longer than most book blurbs) haha.


  6. Name: Jana

    Blog: http://youtube.com/penguininabluebox
    Pokemon Used: Charmander (10 CP)

    Pewter Badge: 44 CP
 + 20 CP completion bonus
    Cascade Badge: 37 CP
 + 20 CP completion bonus
    Thunder Badge: 48 CP
 + 20 CP completion bonus
Rainbow Badge: 30 CP

 + 20 CP completion bonus
    Marsh Badge: 73 CP

 + 20 CP completion bonus
    Soul Badge: 26 CP
 + 20 CP completion bonus
Flame Badge: 49 CP
 + 20 CP completion bonus
Earth Badge: 7 CP

 + 10 CP completion bonus (graphic novel)
    Review Points:  80 CP

    Social Media Points: 16 CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100 CP
Extra Books Read Bonus:  331 CP
    Total: 1001 CP

    I’ll be uploading a wrap up to my channel as soon as I can 🙂 Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, it was so much fun!

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  7. Name: Alex
    Blog: lexdidems.wordpress.com
    Pokemon Used: Charmander + 10
    Pewter Badge: 48 + 20 = 68
    Cascade Badge: 39 + 20 = 59
    Thunder Badge: 45 + 20 = 65
    Rainbow Badge: 30 + 20 = 50
    Marsh Badge: 43 + 20 = 63
    Soul Badge: 32 + 20 = 52
    Flame Badge: 40 + 20 = 60
    Earth Badge: 25 + 20 = 45
    Review Points:  20 x 8 = 160
    Social Media Points: 300
    Evolution Bonus: 100
    Extra Books Read Bonus:  282
    Total: 1314

    It’s not yet 12am, but I have to be up early tomorrow. So this is me over and out.
    Thanks for the fun few weeks 😃

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  8. I wasn’t expecting to complete all the challenges but I did better than expected! This was fun 🙂

    Name: Chelsea
    Blog: Books for Thought (booksforthought.ca)
    Pokemon Used: Pichu eveolve to Raichu
    Pewter Badge: 38CP + 20CP
    Cascade Badge: 0CP Points
    Thunder Badge: 37CP Points + 20CP
    Rainbow Badge: 40CP Points + 20CP
    Marsh Badge: 67CP Points + 20CP
    Soul Badge: 37CP + 20CP
    Flame Badge: 46CP + 20CP
    Earth Badge: 34CP + 20CP
    Review Points: 0 CP
    Social Media Points: 45CP
    Evolution Bonus: 10CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0CP
    Total: 584CP

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  9. Name: Ellis
    Blog: http://ellisferrell.wordpress.com
    Pokemon Used: Bulbasaur
    Pewter Badge: 60CP Points
    Cascade Badge: 84CP Points
    Thunder Badge: 77CP Points
    Rainbow Badge: 74CP Points
    Marsh Badge: 57CP Points
    Soul Badge: 60CP Points
    Flame Badge: 63CP Points
    Earth Badge: 58CP
    Review Points: 160CP
    Social Media Points: 167CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 235 (52, 64, 36, 37, 46)
    Total: 1205

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  10. Name: Anne Rose
    Blog: @annerose2602 on instagram
    Pokemon Used: Mudkip, evolved twice -> Swampert (started at 10 CP)
    Pewter Badge: 36 CP + 20 CP completion bonus (The Girl at Midnight)
    Cascade Badge: 68 CP + 20CP completion bonus (The Beauty of Darkness)
    Thunder Badge: 40 CP + 20CP completion bonus (This Savage Song)
    Rainbow Badge: 25 CP Points + 20CP completion bonus (You Know Me Well)
    Marsh Badge: 45 CP Points + 20CP completion bonus (Scarlet)
    Soul Badge: 64 CP Points + 20CP completion bonus (ACOMAF)
    Flame Badge: nope
    Earth Badge: nope
    Review Points: none
    Social Media Points: 99 CP (64 for tweets, 35 for photos)E
    Evolution Bonus: +100 CP since my Mudkip ist now a proud Swampert
    Extra Books Read Bonus: none
    Total: 607 CP

    This was so much fun Aentee! Thank you very much for hosting! ❤

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  11. Name: Eve
    Blog: Twist in the Taile
    Pokemon Used: Tepig
    Pewter Badge: 0CP Points
    Cascade Badge: 34 +20 completion =54CP
    Thunder Badge: 34 + 20 completion = 54CP
    Rainbow Badge: 28 + 20 completion = 48CP Points
    Marsh Badge: 64 + 20 completion = 84CP Points
    Soul Badge: 35 + 20 completion = 55CP Points
    Flame Badge: 43 + 20 completion = 63CP Points
    Earth Badge: 0CP Points
    Review Points: 20 CP
    Social Media Points: 4CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100CP.
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0CP
    Total: 492CP (including the 10 we started with!)

    Haha I don’t think I’ll be winning, but I had an absolute blast doing this; thanks so much! I’ddefinitely be interested if you hosted another readathon. I’ll also hopefully be posting a recap of all the books I read over the next few days. *nods*

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  12. AH. Time to do this thing!
    I had a spreadsheet that I updated. So…I might not be filling this form out correctly. WHOOPS

    Name: Wren
    Blog: The Litaku
    Pokemon Used: Eevee
    Thunder Badge: My Lady Jane
    Rainbow Badge: Ask the Passengers
    Flame Badge: The Cruelty
    Earth Badge: Steelheart
    Vermillion Badge: ACOMAF
    Review Points: 20 (For My Lady Jane.)
    Social Media Points: 10
    Evolution Bonus: +50
    Total: 320

    Wow. I’m mildly ashamed of my lack of progress. WHELPS. Next time! (Plus, I totally didn’t read for the first week or so. Haha.)
    This was so much fun! You should host this again!

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    1. Please do not feel ashamed, I am so happy you joined in ❤ I will definitely be hosting more readathons in the future, I had so much fun with this one.


  13. Name: Lauren
    Blog: http://twobirds1blog.blogspot.ca/
    Pokemon Used: Magikarp
    Pewter Badge: Berlin Game [35CP + 20CP]
    Cascade Badge: Saga vols. 1-6 [92CP + 20CP]
    Thunder Badge: Ready Player One [37CP + 20CP]
    Rainbow Badge: Six-Gun Snow White & Just Girls [16CP + 25CP + 20CP]
    Flame Badge: This Savage Song [46CP + 20CP]
    Earth Badge: Scorch Trials [36CP + 20CP]
    Review Points: +40CP .
    Social Media Points: +124CP
    Evolution Bonus: +120CP

    Total: 691CP

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  14. Name: Austine
    Blog: NovelKnight
    Pokemon Used: Eevee (+10 initial)
    Boulder Badge: 33 + 20
    Cascade Badge: 50 + 20
    Thunder Badge: 42 + 20
    Rainbow Badge: 30 + 20
    Marsh Badge: 44 + 20
    Soul Badge: 89 + 20
    Flame Badge: 33 + 20
    Earth Badge: 55 + 20
    Review Points: 160 (all reviewed)
    Social Media Points: +200 (tweets), +100 (photos)
    Evolution Bonus: +50 (Sylveon)
    Extra Books Read Bonus: +542
    Total: 1598

    This was so much fun!! For a full breakdown of my points, extra books, tweet-tracking, etc. check here.

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      1. All the ones I listed as “Elite Four” are my extras so:
        Midnight Sky (338 pgs)
        And the Trees Crept In (352 pgs)
        An Ember in the Ashes (446 pgs)
        A Torch Against the Night (452 pgs)
        The Queen’s Poisoner (336 pgs)
        The Thief’s Daughter (349 pgs)
        The Assassin’s Blade (435 pgs)
        Throne of Glass (404 pgs)
        Crown of Midnight (418 pgs)
        Heir of Fire (576 pgs)
        Queen of Shadows (648 pgs)
        Graveyard Shift (241 pgs)
        Pocket Full of Posies (252 pgs)
        For the Birds (240 pgs)

        5,487 pgs total 🙂 Kind of happened that I was doing a readathon of the Throne of Glass series AND an indie readathon this last week or and had already finished my badges. Also a pretty fast reader lol.


  15. Name: Kristen
    Blog: https://thebookmonsters.com/
    Pokemon Used: Magikarp (evolved to Gyarados)
    Pewter Badge: An Ember in the Ashes (44 CP + 20 CP)
    Cascade Badge: Landline (30 CP + 20 CP)
    Thunder Badge: The Wrath and the Dawn (38 CP + 20 CP)
    Rainbow Badge: The Game of Love and Death (35 CP + 20 CP)
    Marsh Badge: Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? (28 CP + 20 CP)
    Soul Badge: Longbow Girl (33 CP + 20 CP)
    Flame Badge: Zodiac Legacy (48 CP + 20 CP)
    Earth Badge: The Last Kids on Earth (24 CP + 20 CP)
    Review Points: 160 CP
    Social Media Points: 300 CP total
    Evolution Bonus: +120CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 357 CP
    Total: 1387

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  16. Name: Julie Cornewell
    Blog: Whole Latte Books
    Pokemon Used: Charmander
    Boulder Badge: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen 50 CP
    Cascade Badge: Forever Beach by Shelley Noble 61 CP
    Thunder Badge: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 75 CP
    Rainbow Badge: The Underground Railroad by Colsen Whitehead 50 CP
    Marsh Badge: First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones 51 CP
    Soul Badge: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson 54 CP
    Volcano Badge: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks 45 CP
    Earth Badge: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld 62 CP
    Review Points: 160 CP
    Social Media Points: Tweeting +176 CP
    Pokemon Go photos: +100 CP
    Evolution Bonus: + 100 CP
    Total: 984 CP

    See a more detailed chart at http://wholelattebooks.blogspot.com/2016/09/my-pokemon-readthemallthon-summary.html


  17. You can find my final update post here https://duskangelreads.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/readthemallthon-final-update/

    Name: Eliza
    Blog: duskangelreads
    Pokemon Used: Blitzle > Zebstrika
    Pewter Badge: 18CP + 0CP (didn’t complete City of Bones,182 pages)
    Cascade Badge: 0CP
    Thunder Badge: 59CP + 20CP* (Illuminae, 599 pages)
    Rainbow Badge: 35CP+ 20CP* (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, 359 pages)
    Marsh Badge: 36CP + 20CP* (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, 369 pages)
    Soul Badge: 40CP + 20CP* (Anna and the French Kiss, 401pages)
    Flame Badge: 36CP +20CP* (Me Before You, 369 pages)
    Earth Badge: 0CP
    Review Points: 5 x 20CP = 100CP
    Social Media Points: 0CP
    Evolution Bonus: 50CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0CP
    I’m also adding in the fact the pages reads CP above doesn’t add up to the exact number of pages that was read. I read 2,277 pages which = 227CP
    Whereas going by the above rounded off numbers for each book I apparently only read 2,240 pages
    Total: 487CP

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  18. Everyone did so well! I stopped reading for a week because I had so many assignments and tests crammed together but this was fun! Hope to see another readathon in the future!

    Name: Stephanie
    Blog: https://ignitingpages.wordpress.com/
    Pokemon Used: Togepi
    Pewter Badge: An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (44CP) + 20CP
    Cascade Badge: N/A
    Thunder Badge: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (45CP) + 20CP
    Rainbow Badge: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (30CP) + 20CP
    Marsh Badge: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling (20CP)
    Soul Badge: Just One Day by Gayle Foreman (30CP) + 20CP
    Flame Badge: Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (20CP) + 20CP
    Earth Badge: Ora’s Gold by Charlotte Young (16CP)
    Review Points: Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda (20CP), The Hunger Games (20CP)
    Social Media Points: 19CP
    Evolution Bonus: Evolved to third stage (100CP)
    Extra Books Read Bonus: N/A
    Total: 475CP

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  19. Name: Dominique
    Blog: https://piratesnpixiedust.wordpress.com/
    Pokemon Used: Chimchar 10 CP
    Pewter Badge: 30 CP Points + 20CP
    Cascade Badge: 31 CP Points + 20CP
    Thunder Badge: 43 CP Points + 20CP
    Rainbow Badge: 51 CP Points + 20CP
    Marsh Badge: 2 CP Points
    Soul Badge: 32 CP Points + 20CP
    Flame Badge: 45 CP Points + 20CP
    Earth Badge: 52 CP Points + 20CP
    Review Points: 140 CP
    Social Media Points: 172 CP
    Evolution Bonus: +100 CP
    Total: 848 CP

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  20. I had so much fun with this read-a-thon! I would definitely do another like it. I used the Excel spreadsheet another participant supplied and I find it helped so much! I filled out the form but added the 10CP we start out with so it matched my chart.

    Name: Kelsey
    Blog: https://kelseysclutteredbookshelf.wordpress.com/
    Pokemon Used: Mareep
    Starting CP: 10
    Pewter Badge: 0
    Cascade Badge: 22+20
    Thunder Badge: 35+20
    Rainbow Badge: 38+20
    Marsh Badge: 34+20
    Soul Badge: 33+20
    Flame Badge: 31
    Earth Badge: 38+20
    Review Points: 40
    Social Media Points: 34 tweets
    Evolution Bonus: 100
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0
    Total: 569

    Thanks again for hosting!!


  21. This was my first reading challenge, and it was fun. Loved the Pokemon theme and hope you’ll do it again so I can do a bit better at achieving my goal 🙂 My final CP was 268 as I was only able to finish 2 books. Check out my wrap up over at Redd’s Reads!


  22. THIS IS AWESOME! I’m pretty sure I finished with CP 452 from what the spreadsheet is telling me, which is SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would get! And I evolved my Oddish into a Vileplume ❤

    Thank you so much for hosting Aentee! And I hope there is another one at some point???


  23. This read-a-thon was so amazing- thank you so much for hosting it and I’ll be on the look out for if you ever do more. It was super fun and I read quite a bit more than I normally do. I even managed to finish all 8 challenges which was pretty awesome. Here’s how I did:

    Name: Jo
    Blog: poeminutes.tumblr.com
    Pokemon Used: Igglybuff – Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff
    Pewter Badge: 52cp (32cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Cascade Badge: 56cp (36cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Thunder Badge: 48cp (28cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Rainbow Badge: 38cp (18cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Marsh Badge: 82cp (62cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Soul Badge: 74cp (54cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Flame Badge: 100cp (80cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Earth Badge: 59cp (39cp points + 20cp completion bonus)
    Review Points: 160cp (20cp x 8 reviews)
    Social Media Points: 300cp (200 from tweets + 100cp from pics)
    Evolution Bonus: 100cp (two evolutions)
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 5cp
    Total: 1084cp (with the 10cp of starter pokemon)

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  24. Name: TT
    Blog: IntroToBlurb
    Pokemon Used: Togepi
    Pewter Badge: 61 CP
    Cascade Badge: 0 CP
    Thunder Badge: 51 CP
    Rainbow Badge: 43 CP
    Marsh Badge: 42 CP
    Soul Badge: 63 CP
    Flame Badge: 10 CP
    Earth Badge: 79 CP
    Review Points: 100 CP
    Social Media Points: 20 CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100 CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0 CP
    Total: 579 CP

    Thanks so much for hosting; really enjoyed this!


  25. Name: Jessica
    Blog: Pore Over the Pages
    Pokemon Used: Charmander –> Charmeleon –> Charizard = 10
    Pewter Badge: 40 + 20 = 60
    Cascade Badge: 22 + 20 = 42
    Thunder Badge: 67 + 20 = 87
    Rainbow Badge: 38 + 20 = 58
    Marsh Badge: 34 + 20 = 54
    Soul Badge: 37 + 20 = 57
    Flame Badge: 42 + 20 = 62
    Earth Badge: 28 + 20 = 48
    Review Points: 20 x 8 = 160
    Social Media Points: 2 x 43 = 86
    Evolution Bonus: 50 x 2 = 100
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 30
    Total: 854 CP

    Thank you so much for creating and hosting this #ReadThemAllThon! This was my first read-a-thon and I had a lot of fun with the Pokémon theme. I’ll be looking for more of your events in the future. 🙂


  26. Name: Monika
    Blog: http://thestoriesinbetween.tumblr.com/
    Pokemon Used: Charmander (+10CP)
    Pewter Badge: 64CP
    Cascade Badge: 58CP
    Thunder Badge: 64CP
    Rainbow Badge: 64CP
    Marsh Badge: 53CP
    Soul Badge: 47CP
    Flame Badge: 51CP
    Earth Badge: 49CP
    Review Points: 0CP
    Social Media Points: 108CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 120CP
    Total: 788CP


  27. Hehe here is my wrap up post:

    Name: Jenna
    Blog: Reading with Jenna
    Pokemon Used: Magikarp
    Boulder Badge: 84 CP
    Cascade Badge: 59 CP
    Thunder Badge: 52 CP
    Rainbow Badge: 48 CP
    Marsh Badge: 63 CP
    Soul Badge: 52 CP
    Flame Badge: 70 CP
    Earth Badge: 65 CP
    Review Points: 160 CP
    Social Media Points: 162 CP
    Evolution Bonus: 120 CP
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 254.5 CP (including some manga/comics)
    Total: 1200 CP (sneakily rounded up from 1199.5 CP)

    This was so much fun and I’m glad it was a huge success!!


  28. I joined late, so my CP was only in the 200s, but I had a blast! I would love to do a pokemon themed reading challenge again. Maybe a longer timeframe, or earning pokemon types based on genres? Thanks for doing this, it was a blast!


  29. Name: Trisa (aka Trisarey)
    Blog: Absolute Bookishness (https://absolutebookishness.wordpress.com/)
    Pokemon Used: Dratini (+10 initial CP)…
    Pewter Badge: 45 CP + 20 CP
    Cascade Badge: 2 CP + 0 CP
    Thunder Badge: 51 CP + 20 CP
    Rainbow Badge: 35 CP + 20 CP
    Marsh Badge: 8 CP + 20 CP
    Soul Badge: 8 CP + 20 CP
    Flame Badge: 40 CP + 20 CP
    Earth Badge: 39 CP + 20 CP
    Review Points: 0 CP
    Social Media Points: 60 CP
    Evolution Bonus: 100 CP …Dragonair (1st evolution)–>Dragonite (2nd evolution)
    Extra Books Read Bonus: 0 CP
    Total: 538 CP

    Thank you, Aentee! I had so much fun! I can’t wait for Pokemon Orange Islands #ReadThemAllThon or…whatever you decide call the next Pokemon readathon challenge. ^_^ Hopefully, I’ll get all of my badges next time. (And, maybe the AR on my PokemonGo app will be fixed by then so I can take Pokemon+book photos and actually see the Pokemon I’m trying to capture.)


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