Potterhead July: Blog Festival Schedule

“Welcome to Potterhead July!”

PotterHeadJuly-Blog.pngThank you so much for the overwhelming and enthusiastic response to Potterhead July! Below is the schedule for all of July, and as you can see there are heaps of exciting posts ahead. For readers, you just have to kick back and enjoy the awesome as it rolls out. We have around 85 magical and thrilling posts coming your way!

For bloggers participating: please note the day you are scheduled and have your post ready on that date. I will be linking your post back to this masterpost, and help you promote it on Twitter as the month goes along.

Because I am bad at saying No: If you are still interested in joining us, I have a couple of slots left on dates in Week 4-5 with only two posts scheduled each, so if you message me, we might be able to work something out!


  • Please post on your blog on the date specified on this schedule, if you are after any changes, message me via my contact form or twitter!
  • When you promote your post on social media, please use the Hashtag so your post will be visible to me and everyone following the tag.
  • I have provided some graphics template you can use on your blog post below! Click image for full size. You can edit them on Canva to add text e.g. your post title/blog name, I have a tutorial for Canva here. Four are in House Colours, and the other two are Purple for Magic & Rainbow for Diversity – or for anyone feeling Divergent 😉
  • There will me a  twitter chat on July 31st to celebrate the release of the Cursed Child (spoilers are apparently already out for this, but please resist!)

WEEK ONE: 1-3 July

Friday 1st July Olivia Heir of Glitter The Sorting: Non HP Characters Into Hogwarts Houses
Rachael Rachael Reads  Character Appreciation Post
Leah Bauer Heart Full Of Ink Hogwarts Houses: Do they create division or unity?
Saturday 2nd July Kaitlin Next Page Please The 10 Stages of Re-Reading the Harry Potter Books
Larissa Life As Larissa TBC
Dex Saccharian Growing Up With Harry Potter
Ishita Book Myopia Journey with Harry Potter & Why I Love Movie Adaptations
Sunday 3rd July Hattie Crooks Wildcat Books Harry Potter Fanfiction Discussion
Lynette Floyd Charmingly Simple How Harry Potter Has Shaped My Reading Experience
Jenna Reading With Jenna Dramione/Draco Appreciation Post

WEEK TWO: 4-10 July

Monday 4th July Natalia A Court of Tales Why Muggleborns Chose the Wizarding World
Holly The Fox’s Hideout The Sorting: Non HP Characters Into Hogwarts Houses
Katherine Fabled Haven Slytherins and Their Portrayal Throughout the Series
Tuesday 5th July Carmen In the Middle of Fantasy and Reality How HP Shaped My Life & More
Cyra Rattle The Pages My Journey with Harry Potter
J.M. Book Freak Revelations Harry Potter Rip It Or Ship It Tag
Wednesday 6th July Misha Musings of a Disorganised Mind Hogwarts Houses – Do They Create Unity or Division
Darcy Days & Mays Diversity in Harry Potter
Jess Princessica of Books Gifts For Harry Potter Lovers
Thursday 7th July Kourtni Kourtni Reads Hogwarts Houses – Do They Create Unity or Division
Louise Genie Reads TBC
Friday 8th July Amy Read.Dream.Live Hogwarts Houses – Do They Create Unity or Division
Aentee Read at Midnight Tales of Beedle The Bard & Muggle Folklores
Holly Cool Story Holly The Sorting: Non HP Characters Into Hogwarts Houses
Saturday 9th July Brooke The Cozy Little Book Nook Why It’s OK To Not Finish HP & Still Be A Fan
Chantal CK’s Reading Corner TBC
Sunday 10th July Geraldine Corralling Books TBC
Jen Jen Bookish Journey TBC

WEEK 3:  11-17 July

Monday 11th July Bianca The Ultimate Fangirl All About L’s: The Important L’s in the Harry Potter Universe
Jananee Head in her Books Diversity in HP: How I Feel About Post-Series Additions
Alice Artic Books HP Moodboard / Reading Experience
Kirstie Upside Down Books Hopes and Fears About Spin Offs
Tuesday 12th July Liselle Lunch-Time Librarian Fandom Created Shipping: What Drives Non-Canon Choices
Angel Angel Reads My Journey With Harry
Lyra Defiantly Deviant From Book To Screen: All About The Movie Adaptations
Alex Fiery Reads Book Rec’s Based on Hogwarts House // Books I Think Characters Would Like
Wednesday 13th July Chelsea Books for Thought Fanart/House Pride Post
Heather Sometimes I’m A Story Harry Potter and Mythology—the relationship between the stories J.K. Rowling told us and the stories we tell ourselves
Victoria Addlepates and Booknerds Harry Potter Reading Experience
Amy Every Book You Need To Read and More Original Founders Houses and How Their Houses Reflected That
Thursday 14th July Jackie Falling In Love With The Sound of Words Muggleborn Children and Why They Choose The Wizarding World
Haley Keller Been There, Read That Head-Canon of New Gen Kids
Brittany Behind The Pages From Book to Screen & Your Journey with Harry
Cassidy Quartzfeather TBC
Friday 15th July Maha Younicorn Reads What HP Taught Us
Emily Always Opinionated Girl Ginny Weasley: More Than Just A Love Interest?
Nick Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist A Newbie’s Perspective on Harry Potter
Loretta Still Dreaming of Manderly Sense of Community Among Fans
Saturday 16th July Danielle Bookish in Texas TBC
Giselle A Book And A Cup of Coffee TBC
Grace The Grace Lucy Review House Pride: Slytherin
Sunday 17th July Eve Twist in the Taile Wizarding Justice & Unforgivable Curses
Breanna Recommends Book Stereotyping Slytherin
Rekha Million Book Mill Magic, and how it has built up our minds and imaginations
Inah The Bibliophile Confessions Harry Potter Foods I Want To Sample

WEEK 4: 18-24 July

Monday 18th July Divya Endless Pages TBC
Alicia A Kernel of Nonsense Ginny Weasley: An Exposition
Jessica Jess Just Reads Re-reading: What It’s Like To Re-Read HP as an Adult
Tuesday 19th July Annalise Hopeful Reads Muggles to Wizard: Why Do Muggleborn Children Choose the Wizarding World
Jesse Books at Dawn Sorting: Non HP Characters Into Hogwarts Houses
Cassie The Magical Adventures of Cassie the Weird TBC
Wednesday 20th July Claire Cover to Cover Analyzing Gilderoy Lockhart
Nicole Nicole Novel Reads YA Lit Con Leviosa: HP Beyond the Books and Movies – Focus on Fandom
Jeann Happy Indulgence Growing Up With Harry Potter
Thursday 21st July Tasya The Literary Huntress The Maurauders
Lauren Bookmark Lit Reading and Rereading Experience
Joey Thoughts & Afterthoughts TBC
Friday 22nd July Olivia Bookish Angel TBC
Debbie Diary of an African Girl How The Characters Have Shaped Me
Saturday 23rd July Mari Story and Somnomancy Discussion on HP Pairings
Nicka Read By Nicka Character Appreciation Post
Sunday 24th July Dani Dani Reviews Things Sorting Non HP Characters // Visiting Warner Bros Studio Tour in London
Carlisa Confessions of Carlisa From Book To Screen
Amanda Brains, Books and Brawn Collector’s Showcase

WEEK 5: 25-31 July

Monday 25th July Charley A Writer Named Charley House Pride Post
Ana Ana Loves Character Discussion
Tuesday 26th July Cilla Paved With Books In Defense of Cho Chang
Alyssa Alyssa Is Reading Hogwarts Houses / House Pride Post
Wednesday 27th July Vlora Reviews And Cake TBC
Lillie Little Lillie Reads Maurauder’s Era / Universal Studios Orland HP experience
Emily Loony Literate Being In Two Hogwarts Houses
Thursday 29th July Nitzan Schwarz Afterwords Why I’m Okay Harry Named His Children After THESE People
Aimal Bookshelves and Paperbacks Snape: Villain or Hero?
Tracey Printed Words & Character Appreciation Post
Friday 30th July Estefani Fiction Jungle Growing Up With Harry Potter
Mishma Chasing Faerytales TBC
C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons TBC
Saturday 31st July Angel Avid Reader How HP Shaped My Life
Preethi The Lone Reader TBC

*collapses* It took me so long to make this table. Thanks to Joey for helping me sort out some of it! Please let me know if I have made any mistakes or if you want anything changed, any error is not at all personal – but just me being confused with all the spreadsheet entries.

I hope you’ll all have heaps of fun ❤ I personally cannot wait to read all these discussions. Let me know of any questions!

“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

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