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So if you’ve read my previous posts about the Red Rising series, you’ll know that I am huge fan. I finished Morning Star over the weekend and my brain is still reeling from post-series devastation/euphoria. I haven’t been able to string together a coherent review, but I have been making some wallpapers to share.


  • Quotes belong to the magnificent Pierce Brown and the Red Rising trilogy.
  • DO:  Download wallpapers for personal use. Buy the books. Enjoy!
  • DON’T: Redistribute or modify without permission.
  • iPhone 6/6s resolution, but should work with most phones. Let me know if you need resizing 😀


iPhone 6 Resolution: Dropbox Link

We roared and roared
And twisted and screamed
For ours, a vale
Of better dreams

— Eo of Lykos

The song that started it all, every time I read it I get chills – and this is speaking as someone who usually skims over songs in books (sorry, Tolkien). Eo has been the symbol of the Rising all along – but in this book Darrow re-examines her and the pedestal she’s been placed on. Heartbreaking and moving.

The design is based on constellations and astronomy – like the rest of the wallpapers in this series. Nowhere is the vastness of space more keenly felt as a setting as it is in Morning Star.


iPhone 6 Resolution: Dropbox Link

Break the Chains

One of the series’s many slogans, but the one that resonated with me the most. We see the pyramid come tumbling down, as Darrow’s true identity is revealed to the wider population. In the graphics, I tried including the symbol of all the lowColours who played a major part in the tale: Red, Obsidian, Violet, Pink, Grey.


iPhone 6 Resolution: Dropbox Link


This may be a bit blasphemous to admit in these circles, but I never truly understood the Sevro love until this book. But, oh my god you guys, he made me cry too many times in this novel.

I loved seeing a different side to him, and how loyalty can drive a man to desperate measures – his character growth is phenomenal. All of the side characters became fleshed out in Morning Star, given their own chance to shine. So yes, Team Howlers!


iPhone 6 Resolution: Dropbox Link

All deeds that last are painted in blood.

I debated about including this graphic because it’s sorta creepy (sorry to all the faint hearted out there). However, I can’t say my goodbye to the series without making a reference to all the bloodydamn action and death – and of course, the demise of self-made gods.

Want more bookish wallpapers? Check out my past work!

Want to hire me to make something for you? My graphics design store HERE.

As always, feel free to suggest a series for the next graphics design post. Tell me if you’ve read this series, I must fangirl with you.

47 thoughts on “Read at Midnight Designs: Morning Star

  1. Yes, please, let’s fangirl together! I’m about 2/3 of the way through Morning Star (unfortunately things have been so busy I have barely gotten to read since last Thursday, ugh) but I love it so much. I’m going to be so sad when it’s over. Maybe that’s why I’m also subconsciously reading slowly. I’ve always loved Sevro and his eccentric self and your wallpapers are simply gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The ending is absolutely perfect and made me cry but I think you will enjoy it! I am still trying to patch up the Red Rising shaped hole in my own TBR haha. Omg Sevro has been so amazing in Morning Star, there is one scene towards the end where I just couldn’t even take his awesome anymore. Thanks so much for coming to discuss the book with me ♥️


  2. AHHH LET ME FANGIRL INSANELY MUCH!!! *flails wildly* I have the claim that I read Red Rising before it was “cool”. 😂😂 I KNOOOOOW. I’m terrible. ;D But I read it like super early as an eARC, but then it came back to bit me when I’d like forgotten sooo much by the time Golden Son came out. I honestly need to re-read the first two books before Morning Star. SO THAT’S ON MY To-DO LIST FOR SURE. Red Rising brooooke me into a million pieces. AFJDKALFDS I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

    Also these are insanely amazing. ❤ Like, omg, I cannot even with your gorgeous design skills. :')

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh don’t worry when Red Rising becomes an inevitable hit blockbuster, I will be beating my chest screaming to anyone who would listen that I read the book first 😉 I want to reread the series again already, maybe via audiobook because afdsjfgsgf THIS SERIES. Thank youuu Cait ❤


    1. I think you would love this book Alyssa, the series is filled with action and insane plot twists! Its themes are treated a bit heavy handedly buy HEY! It’s good!


  3. These are seriously AMAZING! I love them so much! It makes me want to read this series ASAP. Now that Morning Star is out I can’t wait to binge-read! And that last graphic! That is intense but I’m loving it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These look so gorgeous! Haven’t even read the books – BUT I NOW HAVE THE BREAK THE CHAINS ONE AS MY WALLPAPER ❤ It looks so good, and idk, Break The Chain makes me think of how you should break free of your inner restrictions, if that makes sense? To just be yourself really. Like I said, I haven't read the books – but that quote resonates pretty strongly with me still 🙂 Great job, Aentee – any chance you could do a tutorial of some sorts…?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment and for using my wallpaper. I agree, the Break the Chains one can be applied to other situations too, which is why I love it so much 😀
      I don’t know if a tutorial from me would be helpful, my skills are fairly basic haha.


  5. I love these! I really like that last quote, even if it is creepy. I’m terrified to read Morning Star, haha. I don’t see how everything can end up well.


  6. These designs are EVERYTHING. I get chills every time I read the song and just the moment she sings it makes me so emotional. I love that you feel Eo’s spirit throughout the trilogy and I think Morning Star is just going to rip my heart into tiny little shreds.

    We are all team Howlers. Sevro ❤ I was surprised at how much I ended up loving his character. I can't wait to see where his journey goes. 😀


  7. Ohhhh the talent! It makes my heart ache how beautiful these are Aentee! It makes me want to try the series again and love it as much as you do. The hubster is listening to Morning Star on audio at the moment and is already suggesting that Pierce Brown continue the series. I don’t think he’s ready to let it go 😀


  8. Wallpapers are Amazing, but I do have to say one word for these series, Magnificent. I totally fell in LOVE with the whole series. There is not one part of the series I dislike because of the social allegories, world development, character development, plot twists, man I can go on forever. Now don’t quote me but The Red Rising movie is coming out filmed by Universial Studios in 2022 approx. According to this site ( there will be coming a Second Trilogy of the Red Rising Series!!!!! It takes place 10 years later from Morningstar and the aftermath of what has occurred. Visit that website to learn more. Oh and aentee I really hope you can make a review for IronGold, forth book of the Red Rising Series/ first book of the second trilogy. I haven’t been able to read it yet but it’s out.


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