Giveaway: The Mortal Instrument Series

Fellow Aussies, the odds are in your favour, I have a set of The Mortal Instruments up for grabs – complete with spiffy new covers & spines!  Bright and ready for Valentines day, even. You know you want them!


I mean, just look at the new spines!  They are the most gorgeous thing, blissfully free of random half-naked dudes. You shall proudly display these as you read in public, huzzah!


To enter follow the rules below:

    • Australian residents only, sorry!
    • Participants should be at least 13 with parental consent! Of course, if you are 18 you may do as you like 😀
    • No giveaway accounts, no cheating!
    • One winner, prize to be distributed by Walker Books Australia.
    • Runs until 29th February.
    • Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Walker Books Australia for sponsoring this giveaway!

Have you guys started watching the new Shadowhunters series? Thoughts? They are all so pretty but I wish they had better dialogue!

21 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Mortal Instrument Series

  1. *grabby hands* Haha I’m entering like every giveaway I see because I need these new covers in my life! Will be purchasing the new TID covers ASAP too because those books are my life XD I haven’t seen the movie or TV show yet but will probably marathon the show once this season has finished airing! Cannot wait for Lady Midnight as well!


    1. *Cough* Awkward. Forgot to say – I’ve read only the books so far, I don’t want to watch the show or movie and ruin my feelings about the universe before I get too far in. That said, I’ve only heard bad things about the screen adaptations so….might be steering clear…


  2. I’m not really a fan of the series (not the books & definitely not the TV-show) & I don’t life in Australia, so good luck to everyone that enters the giveaway! 😀


  3. Thanks for the giveaway! These covers are so beautiful. I’ve not finished the series yet – I need to do a massive re-read I think, but I love the Infernal Devices series the best. I wasn’t a fan of either movie or TV show though 😦


  4. Those spines are stunning! I need to reread the Infernal Devices sometime soon but not sure whether to get the new covers, as I quite like the old ones 🙂 Anyway great giveaway!


  5. I haven’t seen the tv show or read the books before but I’ve been dying to read them since these new covers were released!! The other ones didn’t do anything for me tbh!


  6. I’m actually up to episode 5 now as of this morning and to be honest, the series isn’t great but we’re all still watching it. It’s addictively stupid and why does Clary look like she’s going to rip Jace’s clothes off at every opportunity? Are those two dating off set? She keeps smirking at him and he gives her this intense frog eyed look like he might slit her throat at any moment. It’s weird. But Alec! Gosh he’s good looking and actually really natural in the part. So far he’s the only one I can see as being a good choice for the role. I’m going to have to watch episode 6 in the morning. I shall update the snark on Hangouts ;D Thanks for the opportunity to win Aentee ❤ ❤


  7. Whoops I entered right after reading Australia Only even though I’m not from there. Do you ever have one of those days where your brain is just shot? 😛 Anyways it’s Maranda Hymes if you want to remove my entry! 😀 Great prize, I think the set is gorgeous.


  8. Omg haha I watch the show for the laughs. I can’t say I love these books but I did really enjoy the first 3. Wth was up with the last 3? The Infernal Devices though – that’s another story. JEM CARSTAIRS ❤


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