Read At Midnight Designs: Six of Crows

I have been wanting to highlight Six of Crows in a graphics post ever since I read the book. Everything is so quotable, everything is so shippable, everything is so amazing. See my full review for full on gushing.

Six of Crows iPhone Wallpapers

Characters and quotes belong to the flawless Leigh Bardugo.

Character illustrations in wallpaper 2-4 are drawn by Kevin Wada as part of the Six of Crows promotional material.

Please don’t redistribute images or download links.


No Mourners, No Funerals

The tagline of the crew and pretty much a must have. It beats ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Break A Leg’ any day!

iPhone 6 Wallpaper


I will have you without your armour, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.

The quote that slayed a million fangirls, myself included. Kaz/Inej is my reason at the moment. The OTP of all OTP. Why must they hurt my heart so?

iPhone 6 Wallpaper


We are all someone’s monster.

I wanted a sassier quote because it’s Nina-related, but they would not fit! Anyway, this wallpaper is for fan of this passionate and polar opposite coupling.

iPhone 6 Wallpaper


“Just girls?”
“No, not just girls.”

These two needs to get a room, promptly. Please give me a Wylan POV in the next book!

iPhone 6 Wallpaper

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As always, comment with your series suggestions for the next Midnight Designs posts. I am also happy to resize for those who are keen to nab these wallpapers, but have not joined the dark side with Apple.

71 thoughts on “Read At Midnight Designs: Six of Crows

    1. You must read it, it is exactly the kind of book you would love! Morally complex characters that delivers snappy dialogue, dark fantasy, heist galore!


  1. Gosh I love your graphics, they’re just so beautiful! I was wondering will you still be doing a design guide for Photoshop users? I went back to the post you made about design apps the other day while trying to create some new graphics for my blog and I read you mentioned it. I’d love to see what tips and tricks you have because I’m sure I’m only using the bare minimum of my PS C6

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aentee, these look absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the first two, and the one with Wylan and Jasper. Basically, I love them all!
    Can I just ask: what software do you use? Because seriously, your water color designs are always flawless!:O
    You know, you make me reconsider getting a phone, simply so I can put one of your design as my background!


  3. GUUURL I already said this one twitter (well with heart shaped eyes) but oh my god I am so in love with these! I still gotta read the book though, but I know where I’ll be going right after so I can have these glorious designs on my phone 😉


  4. I’ve been seeing these shared around on Twitter all day, but I was convinced it traced back to some old post you did where you posted these and that I’d never find them. I’VE FOUND THEM! MY LIFE IS HEREBY COMPLETE! (I can’t even begin to describe to you the state of my Six of Crows review. Bold. Caps lock. Five thousand words too long. Rambly. Fangirly. A patchwork quilt of ERMAHGERD. And still it didn’t convey my actual experience of FALLING IN LOVE WITH IT.) This will make the ache for Crooked Kingdom not, y’know, KILL ME. Thaaaaank you! You’re so talented, aaaaagh!

    – Lexie


  5. Holy. Mother of. Dragons. These are SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO HUG THEM AND HANG THEM ON MY WALL. Do you sell prints? You should if you don’t. You probably say somewhere…I’m going to stalk all your art now, kthx.

    Sarcasm & Lemons


  6. Hi! I was wondering if you watercolour all your wallpapers yourself before rendering and posting them? I LOVE YOUR WORK BTW! Absolutely stunning!


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