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One of my 2016 resolutions is to read more diversely! Despite my best effort, my mood reading meant that I missed out on a lot of great diverse titles last year. I asked around on twitter, and it seems people were interested in a monthly book club – so here’s how to join in!


#DiverseYABC is a monthly twitter based book club focusing on titles of diversity: whether it be LGBTQIA, race, gender, ethnic, or cultural. Follow the hashtag and join in on tweeting their photos, thoughts and opinion on the current month’s title. There will be a 1 hour chat at the end of each month dedicated to the discussion of the month’s title and good old socialising.


Anyone with a twitter account can join by following the #DiverseYABC hashtag. Hop on it and use the hashtag to start chatting about the current title, or suggestion for future book club titles.

Bloggers can also add their review of the January title to the link up below!


The current title for January is Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Abertalli – this was decided by 155 votes over Twitter polls.


Even if you have read the book, you can still join in the discussion at the end of the month! In fact, I beg you to join us!!

Twitter Chat Date:  Sunday 31st January, 1PM AEDT. Tentative, I noticed this is when most of the bookchats (that I’m awake for!) occur on twitter.


Add your review, discussion, graphics, opinion piece, whatever have you – to the linkup below!

75 thoughts on “Diverse Young Adult Book Club

    1. I finished reading Simon last week, SO ADORBS. I wasn’t feeling it in the first half but I basically smiled/teared through the last half. URGH.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I read Simon vs. last year in May, so I’d love to do a re-read. It’s such a cute book, and I’m really looking forward to trying to be able to read it! I might not be able to make the twitter chat though – it’s 3am in the UK, but I’ll have to see if I’m still awake!

    Thank-you so much for hosting this, Aentee. It’s such a wonderful idea! 🙂
    Denise | The Bibliolater

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    1. Haha I know what you mean, I was in an intense fantasy mood and found the first part of Simon hard to get into – but the ending was excellent ❤


  2. yes!!! ❤ i love diverse YA, and i'm really excited for this! i haven't read Simon Vs yet, but i was thinking about buying it because the ebook is on sale right now, and the sale ends tomorrow. now, i'm definitely buying it! i can't wait to participate in this 😀

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  3. Dang, I don’t have a twitter account 😦 I love the idea of a diversity book club, I wish I could follow it another way. Congrats on the club, it really sounds like an excellent idea!

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  4. I’ve been waiting for something like this since the time Faye hosted a Way of Kings read-along! AM I EXCITED? Yes. Have I already read Simon? Sure, BUT WHO CARES. I will hopefully be joining! I’ll mark it on my calendar!

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  5. This is absolutely wonderful Aentee! I’m glad to see this coming to pass. While I won’t be joining in this month, I will be looking out to see how it all goes. I’d love to read Simon with you, but I have no money to purchase the lovely book. Diversity for the win! Woot woot!

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  6. This is exciting. I might be giving it a go, since I’ve had Simon on my TBR for a long time! 😀 Also, your graphics are to die for, as usual, Aentee! x

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  7. Ah, this is such a lovely idea, Aentee! I really love that diverse books are getting more publicity recently – it’s awesome. SIMON is such an adorable book, and I hope heaps of people read it! I will endeavour to be there for the Twitter chat, but I am notoriously bad at that, haha XD Still, a girl can try, right? ;D Either way, I hope it goes really well, and that heaps of people join in this awesome book club! ❤

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    1. Diverse books are mostly contemporary, so I have not read many in 2015! I vow to change that. I agree, the second half of Simon VS was ADORABLE i can’t even! Hope to see you at the chat ❤


  8. This is a great idea! I TOTALLY NEED TO RE-READ THIS BOOK. Sadly I don’t think I can make the twitter chat since it’s super early in the morning for me, but I’ll be sure to check all the discussion after.

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  9. I finished this today- all the emotions! I was reading it on a bus and I’m 100% sure I made some audible ‘ahhhhh’ and ‘awhhhhhh’ noises- the person sitting next to me may have been slightly concerned but I simply could not help myself haha! Unfortunately the chat is a bit of an awkward time in my timezone but I’ll definitely be stalking the hashtag before and after and adding my review to the link up (once I’ve written it haha). I had read a few ‘meh’ books so thank you for making me read this incredible one, I’ve barely put it down.

    Awesome idea, aentee, and I’ll definitely be joining in in the months to come 🙂

    Eliza xo | lipglossandpaperbacks.blogspot.co.uk


  10. Love the idea of a diverse YA book club! It’s also a great motivator – this is one of those books that’s been sitting on my shelf for awhile and I’ve been meaning to read. So excited!!

    ~ Booknut101 @ 21st Century Once Upon A Times


  11. Cool! I actually already have the January title. I know the month is almost over, but perhaps that’ll be my next read?
    Earlier this month I read a book where the main character is Asian and Jewish. It was a new thing for me (pretty good book too) and I’m really wanting to try and read things differently this year… perhaps I’ll participate in this!!

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