Japan Book Blog Series: Anime/Manga Readalikes

Today’s blog post resumes my Japan related blog series, I am still on my holiday and I am sure future-me is having a great time. Anyway, like many people out there, one of my first brush with Japan was via manga. Actually, the very first book I ever read was the first volume of Dragon Ball. While I don’t read as much manga as I use to, I thought it would be fun to recommend some readalikes based on your favourite book series!

The Fifth Wave & Attack On Titan


I am sure you are all familiar with both series as they have been huge successes worldwide. In The Fifth Wave, ruthless aliens overtake the world, and a group of young people try desperately to survive despite the odds. In Attack On Titan, humanity has been plaqued by human-eating giants for centuries, and desperately try to survive while living behind great walls. Both looks at humanity and family in times of mortal crisis.

Archivist Wasp & Magica Madoka


I adore both stories, which features strong female characters and lies about destiny in an unsettling story. Both are also series best enjoyed when you know as little as possible about the storyline – I just suggest you look past their covers and dive in deep! It wil lbe worth it, I promise!

Throne of Glass & Akatsuki no Yona


Both series features a steely princess displaced from her own kingdom. Celaena and Yona didn’t capture my attention at first, but as the series went on, they both became beloved female characters. They also have an entourage of gentlemen each, ready to serve and protect them.

Firebird Series & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles


While I admit The Firebird Series has multiple flaws, I really enjoyed the interdimension travel which allows the characters to cross countries and parallel worlds at will. Similarly, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle features interdimensional travel, into new and wonderful locations where we can meet previous CLAMP characters in an alternate universe. Both series also has a strong romantic undertones and a huge focus on fate.

The Lunar Chronicles & Sailor Moon


This one is obvious, as The Lunar Chronicles was actually partly inspired by the classic magical girls anime. Both features strong, independent ladies, with loads of moon and space motifs, and a terrible Queen.

Fangirl & My Girlfriend’s A Geek


When I first heard of Fangirl, I immediately thought of this manga – which features a fujoshi (a female equivalent of an otaku, especially one adoring M/M romance). Although Yuiko also dreams up fanfiction, let’s just say she’s a lot more… enthusiastic about it all, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend. I prefer Fangirl, but this manga is also a bit of fun.

Have you guys tried reading manga or watching anime? Which are your favourites?

25 thoughts on “Japan Book Blog Series: Anime/Manga Readalikes

    1. Ah I’ve been meaning to watch Sword Art Online, how is it? I love Fairy Tail but I have fallen SO behind on it!!


  1. Being honest Magical Girls Madoka Magica kind of freaks me out! I watched the anime but it gives me nightmares XD This is a really interesting and fun post which I would’ve thought of it. I do prefer Sailormoon to Cinder though =)

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    1. Yess the middle episodes of Madoka was so creepy, but I basically cried through the last 2-3 episodes haha! I would love to see your version of this post if you decide to make it.
      Pssst I prefer Sailor Moon as well πŸ˜‰

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      1. I found an anime you may like if you like Madoka and effects are less creepy. It’s called Yuki Yuna is a hero. Now that would take some thinking. I have one book and anime that would fit, others will be hare. I’ll try though =)


  2. “My Girlfriend’s a Geek” sounds like a good manga! I love reading and watching shoujo anime, ever since I was little (all thanks to the influence of my older sister). I might start reading that manga sometime. πŸ˜‰

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    1. My first anime was probably Doraemon and Dragon Ball Z hahaa. But I loved watching Cardcaptors when I moved over to New Zealand. Would love to see your version of this post if you decide to make one!

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  3. SAILOR MOON IS MY FAVE (and ironically the only one I know from here. shh.) I’m tempted to check out the Cinder trilogy now, especially if it’s semi-based off the series! Have you heard of Doll Soldiers, btw? It’s basically Sailor Moon YA & I am excite!

    Not really a fan of anime. I used to be, though. I watched Fruits Basket & a little bit of Naruto, but it’s not my type of thing. My best friend got me into a show called Clannad and it was absolutely devastating. Sweet post!

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    1. I think you’ll enjoy the Cinder series if you liked Sailor Moon – loads of people are fans of it regardless ❀ I have not seen Doll Soldier but need to check it out XD

      Fruits Basket is one of my favourites ever! I don't watch/read much animanga anymore, but it was basically all I read when I was younger XD


    1. Ooo you should try out something like xxxHoLic or Full Metal Alchemist to get back into the swings of it. Thank you, my holiday was FANTASTIC. I am back now though and SO jetlagged XD

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      1. Welcome back! I hope you’re settling into home okay and that there has been time for much sleeping. Yay for adventures! I am determined to go away somewhere exciting when I finally get some money together.


    1. You should definitely give it a go, Lisa! Plenty of great romances and touching stories to be found within the pages of a manga. I recommend Nana!!


  4. I was influenced by my brothers, and male classmates, to watch anime at such a young age. My love for anime and manga remains as I grow. Kinda. Despite that, I am sad to report that haven’t watched/read any of anime/manga listed above.

    Well, that’s a lie. I think I’ve watched few episodes of both Sailor Moon and Tsubasa Chronicles. I thought that Tsubasa Chronicles was Card Captor Sakura grown up. i’m not sure if that’s real. They look so similar.

    Sailor Moon is not for me. Maybe it’s because I first watched it when I was already in college. Too…cliche? That anime.

    I prefer shonen anime to shoujo, though. But there are some shoujo anime that I enjoyed watching.

    My Girlfriend’s a Geek looks really interesting. I should read it.


  5. I just realised I’ve seen the live action film based on My Girlfriend’s A Geek haha! It was a few years ago and I think I thought it was very funny and cute. Plus I love Fangirl so I should give the manga a try πŸ™‚ Tsubasa is one of my favourites, so I should definitely read A Thousand Pieces of You then πŸ˜€


  6. I’m such a fujoshi so I’ll definitely read My Girlfriend’s a Geek.Hmm… I know another fujoshi who also loves Fangirl πŸ™‚ I’ve been caught up in shounen anime (Haikyuu!, Prince of Stride, and Starmyu among others) and I’m still waiting for Attack on Titan season 2 anime!


  7. I love this recommendation post! I grew up watching Sailor Moon back in the 90’s when it was translated in English but lately I have been watching it in Japanese with English subtitles. I am also getting back into reading the original manga. I am a huge fan of Rosario + Vampire for manga and Madoka Magica for anime. I want to read the manga version of Madoka Magica though.


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