Read At Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Series

To finish off my Throne of Glass week, I have FOUR iPhone 5 Wallpapers for download!

Throne of glass

If you want me to resize them to fit your phone, please comment/tweet me! I don’t do it all at once because laziness/I originally made them for personal usage. But if you nudge me I will be more than happy to oblige 😀

Free for personal use. Please do not redistribute. Characters + Quotes belong to the amazing Sarah J Maas.


You could rattle the stars.

I went for a colour/season theme with these four wallpapers, because I like my rainbows!  I went for a blue colour scheme as when I first heard of this book, I thought it was a retelling of Cinderella. Plus, it matches the cover!



Death was her curse and her gift.

I felt the second book was most heavily romance-based, hence the use of the roses. I also liked this colour scheme because it contained the most wanton bloodshed. Also, it matches Celaena’s dress on the back cover, which is of prime importance!



She was the heir of ash and fire.

I would have loved to include the full quote here, but I ran out of space. Awks. I went for the green because Celaena left for the land of the faes in this series. OK THAT’S TERRIBLE I AM TALKING OUT OF MY ARSE.



She was fire and light and ash and embers.

I actually wanted to do the Fire-breathing Bitch Queen quote, but then I saw about 4 wallpapers crop up with this quote while I was making this set and thought the world was well supplied XD  I picked orange lilies for the motif because they look like flames.  Also some splash or gold and red splatter: the red for the glorious bloodspill and the gold as a homage to her dress/nightgown 😉 Rowan would approve!


Please feel free to leave suggestions of any series/quotes you would like to see made into graphics!

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121 thoughts on “Read At Midnight Designs: Throne of Glass Series

  1. Aentee these are simply stunning. I google image searched and I knew your work straight away when it came up. Ugh I can’t even they are too gorgeous.


  2. Please do an ACOTAR, TAB and ACOMAF design!! I really LOVE the author! She wrote amazing books but I just wish all the other books would come out soon….


  3. These are stunning and I’m in love with ALL of your designs!!! You are super talented!! 😱😍


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