Fanart: Bookmark Design for Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicle

This is my entry for Marissa Meyer’s bookmark design contest. I based the design off the book covers.

Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles, Books
Side One
Marissa Meyer, The Lunar chronicles, books
Side Two

Side One features Cinder and Scarlet. I know Scarlet actually wears hoodie and jeans but I went the more traditional route with her looks here.

Side Two has Cress and the cover page for the upcoming Winter.

I actually really enjoyed making this and will be looking to do similar artwork for other books in the future. I’ve always admired paper cutting art such as those made by Brittney Lee and Helen Musselwhite. While I do not have nearly enough skills to create these art in real life (nor the energy to clean it all up afterwards), the tools on Photoshop recreates a realistic enough effect for my liking.

The design were made using free patterns and tools that came with Photoshop CS5.

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