Book Review: The 5th Wave

Rick Yancey, The 5th wave, chloe moretz4-star

Title: The 5th Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Series?  Yes

Rating: 4/5


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Book Review, Read at Midnight

“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”

With The 5th Wave, there’s intrigue and action from the get-go as we’re plopped unceremoniously into the midst of an apocalypse. The human race has been decimated by four previous waves of attack by mysterious beings. The methods they used to dispose of us are ruthless, designed not only to kill but to destroy our spirit, I thought it was like a modern iteration of the Plagues of Egypt. But God wasn’t behind these destruction, instead it was an alien race with unknown motives.  At the end of the 4th wave, our narrator, Cassie thinks she’s possibly the only human left on Earth. After all the horrors she’s witnessed, Cassie is understandably jaded and mistrustful.  Her only mission left in life is to find her little brother, who became separated from her earlier on in the plotline.

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Stacking the Shelves: No. 1


Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Review.  Here are the books I acquired this week.


Paladin by Sally Slater:  I’m in the mood for some Mulan-esque action: cross-dressing shennanigans & female warrior.  This book has been getting good reviews, Kindle had it for less than $3, so it’s a no-brainer purchase.

The Martian by Andy Weir:  I was attracted mainly by the pretty cover and the glowing reviews about how great the research was for this book.  Since reading it, I also found out that it’s going to be a movie starring Matt Damon (!!!) later on this year!  Review to come.

Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas:  I’ve tried reading Throne of Glass in the past, but it never managed to grip my attention.  Since reading ACOTAR, I’ve wanted to try this series again.  I picked up the first two books hoping that I will love them!

Have you guys read any of these books? Did you enjoy them?

Book Review: Red Queen

Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard


Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Series?  Yes. 1 of 3.

Ratings: 4/5 stars

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Book Review, Read at Midnight

I had my expectations cautiously lowered for this book because of some reviews I’ve seen, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Red Queen.  I love the setting, it combines my two weaknesses: superhero powers and colour coordination!

In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the angels and gods that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don’t believe that.

The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind.

In this world, there’s a stark racial divide between Silvers: the ruling elite, and the Reds: common humans who serve them.  Two things separate the them i) the colour of their blood and ii) the Silvers each have a special ability, whether it be element control, inhuman strength, mind reading or even immediate foresight.  The lines between the two worlds begin to blur when a minority of the Reds starts rebelling against the oppressive rule of the Silver.  This line is further broken by the emergence of our heroine, Mare Barrows, who bleeds crimson blood but has a special ability not even the Silvers possesses. Continue reading “Book Review: Red Queen”

Waiting on Wednesday: Serpentine

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine.  This is my first week participating!

Cindy Pon, Serpentine

Waiting on Wednesday, WoW, Breaking the Spine

Title:  Serpentine

Author: Cindy Pon

Release Date:  9 August 2015

More Details on Cindy’s Site!

SERPENTINE is a sweeping fantasy set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythology.

Lush with details from Chinese folklore, SERPENTINE tells the coming of age story of Skybright, a young girl who worries about her growing otherness. As she turns sixteen, Skybright notices troubling changes. By day, she is a companion and handmaid to the youngest daughter of a very wealthy family. But nighttime brings with it a darkness that not even daybreak can quell.

When her plight can no longer be denied, Skybright learns that despite a dark destiny, she must struggle to retain her sense of self – even as she falls in love for the first time.

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Book Review: An Ember in the Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes, Sabaa Tahir, Young Adult Book


Title:  An Ember in the Ashes

Author:  Sabaa Tahir

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars


Book Depository

Book Review, Read at Midnight

In this Roman-inspired setting, the empire is ruled by the Martials, a group of brutal and merciless warriors.  The Scholars live oppressed lives and are often enslaved, Laia is one such Scholar.  When her brother is enslaved, she is forced to infiltrate Blackcliff Academy, an institute that churns out the empire’s most feared human weapons: The Masks.  Elias is the academy’s best student, but he’s also having second thoughts about this dark path. Just as he’s planning to leave the Academy, he’s forced to enter a dangerous contest to become the next Emperor.

“The field of battle is my temple. The swordpoint is my priest. The dance of death is my prayer. The killing blow is my release.”

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Top Ten Tuesday Topics (that I’ve never done)

Top Ten Tuesday, TTT

This is my first ever Top Ten Tuesday, the meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  The theme this week is fortuitously favourite Top Ten Tuesday, so I have the opportunity to do them all at once.  I’ll give my top pick for each topic.

1.  Top Ten Book I’ve read so far in 2015
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E.Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic,  V E Schwab

Four different Londons. One debonair cross-dressing heroine. Thieves, pirates, magicians. Royals. A plot that never loses its steam. Engaging dialogue.  Really, I could go on and on.  So far this is my absolute favourite read of this year.

2.  Ten Fairytale Retellings I’ve Read/Want To Read
Orphan’s Tale Duology for Catherynne M. Valente

Catherynne M Valente

This is probably my favourite series of all time, and it’s criminally underrated.  A creative retelling of 1001 nights, the stories in this book are masterfully interwoven.  All the characters are plotlines forms an intricate and carefully crafted web that spans over two books, four main stories, and numerous characters.  The prose are lyrical, beautiful, provoking.  The female characters really shine in this book. It is strength and feminism done right. I can’t recommend it enough, please read it!

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Fanart: Bookmark Design for Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicle

This is my entry for Marissa Meyer’s bookmark design contest. I based the design off the book covers.

Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles, Books
Side One
Marissa Meyer, The Lunar chronicles, books
Side Two

Side One features Cinder and Scarlet. I know Scarlet actually wears hoodie and jeans but I went the more traditional route with her looks here.

Side Two has Cress and the cover page for the upcoming Winter.

I actually really enjoyed making this and will be looking to do similar artwork for other books in the future. I’ve always admired paper cutting art such as those made by Brittney Lee and Helen Musselwhite. While I do not have nearly enough skills to create these art in real life (nor the energy to clean it all up afterwards), the tools on Photoshop recreates a realistic enough effect for my liking.

The design were made using free patterns and tools that came with Photoshop CS5.

Book Review: The Girl at Midnight

The Girl at Midnight, Melissa Grey


Title:  The Girl at Midnight

Author: Melissa Gray

Rating: 3/5 stars


Book Depository

Book Review, Read at Midnight

I came for the pretty cover.  I kept reading due to the interesting premise. I was ultimately disappointed as overall, the book was quite forgettable.

The plot centres around the conflict between the Avicen (a race of birdlike people) and Drakharin (a dragon-like warrior race). These two ancient races have been bitter enemies for centuries, with no end to their war in sight. The fabled Firebird is a creature that once found, will resolve their struggle for good.  Echo is a teenage pickpocket who has been raised by the Avicen, through fate she finds the map to the mythical Firebird.

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Book Review: The Girl With All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts


Title:  The Girl With All the Gifts

Author:  M. R. Carey

Rating:  5/5 stars


Book Depository

Book Review, Read at Midnight

This is one of the rare instances where I started reading a book I knew next-to-nothing about.  All I knew about the book was: Melanie is a 10 year old girl who’s been locked in a cell for as long as she can remember.  I thought it was going to be a bit like Ender’s Game.  However, what I ended up reading was, dare I say, far better than Ender’s Game.  Here was a dystopia with a familiar premise, but it felt fresh because of how character-centric the writing was.

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